Introduction Clinical


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Medicine – Research teaching and Clinical Care

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History Taking


Irritation or Malfunction of Organs

System and Organ Approach to Clinical Approach
42424b01 chest abdomen heart cardiac liver kidneys urinary bladder da Vinci normal CTscan Drawing Davidoff MD

The Examination



Normal and Ascites

The series of normal and pathological images are grouped at the cellular level, (top images) at the tissue level (middle) and the organ level (below).  The noermal images are on the left and the abnormal are on the right.

Head and Neck

Orbital Swelling

45681 face right orbital swelling fracture of the orbital floor trauma volume rendering surface rendering CTscan Davidoff MD

Upper Extremity

Upper Extremity – Stroke

48641 brain arm hand fingers fx flexion claw hand dx CVA stroke cerebrovascular accident artery infarction CTscan volume rendering Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD


Normal  Mastectomy

49707 breast mastectomy surgery treatment carcinoma 3D volume rendering Davidoff MD 49707c01

Normal Young –  Normal Elderly
49609c03 abdomen health disease young old time cycle elastic elasticity order disorder Davidoff MD 49609c02

Abdominal Pain – Midgut

22779 hand abdomen clinical periumbilical pain midgut pain scout KUB CTscout Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD