The Scream in Westminster Abbey

The Scream in Westminster Abbey


There was a scream in Westminster Abbey at 6:11pm – the guard rushed in and found a man lying dead on the floor

At 6:30pm a man was seen running on the East bank of the Thames with a black bag.  An off duty security guard identified this man as a suspect-  the man was arrested, the contents of his camera are used as evidence, and the accused stands before this court  (or something like that)

The defense lawyer had the following pictures at his disposal – and based on these pictures he defended his client – Was he successful?

Exhibit A
A series of events people walking cars moving around  which  a story could be wound – length of shadows and some calculations of relative heights based on shadow lengths68242b01  Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD

You need to have one fact in order to

I call on the defense

My Lord – I would like the court to look at these pictures taken from the camera of the accused on the day he was arrested, and decide for themselves whether my client is guilty or innocent

Said the detective to himself …. hmmm There are two lessons that I have to remember that Sherlock Holmes taught me …

The first ah… yes

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Sherlock Holmes.

And the second …. oh yes … of course.

“We approached the case, you remember with an absolutely blank mind, which is always an advantage.  We had formed no theories.  We were simply there to observe and to draw inferences from our observations.”



Exhibit A




Exhibit B

It was a visit to London eye on the River Thames

As he ascended there is a photo of the west bank and Big Ben

It was 4:10

On his  way down big Ben had changed


Exhibit C


it was 4:25 calculations of approximate speed of the wheel

Exhibit D

Did something go wrong with Big Ben

(There is a series of Dali’s work on the East bank near the wheel)

Exhibit E

Yes it was sunset do not let surrealism affect your knowledge of reality – it was not one thirty

Exhibit D


The Wheel

And these were the last images on the roll of photographs

And so Mr defense lawyer your client was in the area of Westminster Abbey and we know he was here at 4:25 and we have a few images of sunset – In the spring time the sunset can be anything from….